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They say that who you choose to marry affects every aspect of your future life.  The day you marry your beloved is a magical moment where past, present, and future come together.  Months, or years before the big day, you begin visioning and preparing.  From the venue to the flowers, to the cake, to the guest list.  Everything is set in place to make the big day go gracefully for all involved.  Weddings are magical by nature, because they are infused with the love and well-wishes of your loved ones. Like a babies birth, weddings give everyone a feeling of hope for the future.  Weddings are ubiquitous throughout all cultures as a symbol of peace, love, and the joining of hearts and communities. 


Astrology, Tarot, and Palm Readings are a beautiful way to add memorable magic and meaning to any wedding, event, or bachelorette party.

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