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"We are so grateful for Heather's presence at our wedding which was multicultural. Heather provided beautiful readings for all of our guests and also a couples reading for us. The guests were lined up out the door and all they talked about was their readings for the rest of the night. Everyone was inspired by the kindness and accuracy of their readings. Our couples reading was a beautiful way to get to know each other even more deeply! All we can say is thank you!!"


"Heather offered Venus and Mars astrology mini-readings at my bachelorette party. It was the perfect way to bring friends from different parts of my life together. Everyone felt really comfortable. Heather was warm and friendly. The readings were insanely accurate and left us both in awe and laughing. I honestly cannot recommend this enough."

"Heather did readings for my friend's bachelorette party. It was incredible how much we all loved it. I am so glad we hired her. Her readings are insightful and deep, but also with a lot of humor and laughter. They are perfect for a small gathering and bring that spark of fun, magic, and uniqueness. Everyone at the party still talks about their readings to this day!"


"Heather read at our wedding party and for us as a couple. What can I say, she is amazing. Everyone learned so much about themselves and this created a sense of openness and connection at our wedding. My friends still refer to their readings and how helpful and insightful they were. Heather blended in perfectly and seemed so happy to be there. People were lined up for hours. I also can't recommend a couples reading enough. Getting to learn about my husband in this way opened up a whole new level of compassion and understanding that we still refer to in our marriage today. Thank you Heather! "

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