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Pink Sugar

Individual, Couples and Family Readings

Individual Readings

Are the deep dive if you are ready to make major shifts in your life. Using your Astrological Chart, counselling, and psychic streaming or channeling we look in depth at the challenges and gifts of your chart and how they show up "In real life".  Psychic visions, messages, and counselling action steps are all part of this session. Becoming aware of your astrological chart gives you a new sense of perspective, courage, and freedom, to make changes either internally or externally that are long overdue.  The chart does not pin you down to an identity or destiny, rather it allows you greater clarity and freedom of choice to create  alignment in your practical reality.     $200.00/hour


Choose one other important person in your life to learn about how your individual charts interact to make a third "couples" chart. Again everything from the individual readings above is included, but we now look at two charts rather than one!     $300.00/80 minutes

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