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Wedding & Event
Astrology, Tarot, Numerology

Adding a touch of magic

Readings create instant connection whether it is a group of old friends or new acquaintances.  

 NEW Online Workshop:

Wedding, Bachelorette, Conferences, Special Events, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events

Whether you are having an intimate bachelorette or birthday party (youth or adult!) or a larger special event, tarot, astrology, or numerology readings are a unique way to facilitate group bonding.  I offer various personalized mini astrology or tarot for each guest, which are both insightful and entertaining. Finding out what makes you,  your friends, family, or colleagues "tick" is both illuminating and transformational for everyone involved. Readings are accurate, uplifting and inspirational, with lots of laughter! Give your guests a gift they will remember!

Couples Composite Charts

​Get to know your beloved more deeply. I offer couples charts to cultivate insight and awareness around your path as individuals and as a couple. Explore your communication, work, parenting, and love styles. Find greater insight and compassion for the one you love!


Individual Readings

​Individual readings are the deep dive. If you are looking to transform areas of your life that are long overdue for your attention, this reading is for you. Whether it is a profound life transition, or areas of spirituality, sexuality, relationship, work, finances, parenting, or altered states of consciousness, individual readings provide the insight, counseling, psychic channeling, and action steps to create and support major transformation. Its 4-6 months of therapy in 1 session!



"I had an individual reading with Heather and all I can say is that it was the most accurate, and healing reading I have ever experienced. My life changed drastically after that both spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I cannot recommend this unique healing "channel" enough." ~Susan Elson

"Having Heather at my bachelorette party was amazing.  We all learned so much about ourselves and had so much fun in the process" ~Jen Moor

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